What attractions of Krakow are worth visiting with only one day at your disposal

Krakow, with its centuries-old history, attracts millions of tourists every year, and many of them decide to return, enchanted by the charm of the city from the first glance. Many visitors choose this place for a short, one-day or weekend visit, but they quickly realize that 24 hours is definitely not enough to experience the full climate of Krakow and discover even part of its secrets.

Krakow is a city full of attractions, so in one day you can only experience a foretaste of this unique place. The following are places to visit in Krakow during a weekend stay.

The market and its surroundings

Starting our list, the area around Market Square cannot be left out. It is one of the largest and best preserved markets in Europe. By its side stands St. Mary’s Basilica, an enduring symbol of Poland’s former capital, where the beauty of Wit Stwosz’s altarpiece is worth seeing. A bugle call is sounded from the St. Mary’s tower every hour. In the center of the Market Square are the Cloth Hall, an ideal place to buy souvenirs. It is also where the entrance to the Market Underground, one of the key branches of the Historical Museum of the City of Cracow, is located.

Wawel Castle – the former residence of kings

Wawel Castle, regardless of your interest in history, is a place everyone should visit. The royal castle is stunning both from the outside and inside. Current exhibitions can be checked on the website, where ticket reservations are also available. A bronze statue of the Wawel Dragon, the hero of Krakow’s most famous legend, can be found beneath the castle. On a sunny day it is also worth taking a stroll along the Vistula Boulevards, which offer beautiful views of the city and lead to another of Krakow’s landmarks – the Kazimierz district.

Museums of Krakow

The city is home to a myriad of museums, ranging from historical, painting-related, film-related, music-related, to works of engineering and illusion. Before visiting, it is advisable to study the offerings and choose the most interesting ones for yourself. The Market Underground, the National Museum and the Krzysztofory Palace, which presents the history of the city, will be good places to start.

Mound of Krak

The Krak Mound, one of Krakow’s five mounds, located in the Podgórze district, provides a panoramic view of the city from Nowa Huta to Debniki. Next to the mound is the Liban quarry, which was used as a place of forced labor during World War II. Although Krak’s Mound is not the highlight of the city, it is worth a visit for a view that will take your breath away.

Wolski Forest and its attractions

Wolski Forest, a vast expanse of greenery located just 8 kilometers from Market Square, is the site of Krakow’s zoo.

The city from the perspective of the river

Cracow can also be admired from the perspective of the river. The hour-long boat tour begins and ends at the foot of Wawel Castle, taking you past the city’s most important monuments and charming corners. It’s a great way to get to know the city from a completely different, watery side, with an audio guide telling the history of the places you pass.