How to plan your time in Krakow?

Krakow is a city that is very popular among tourists. As the second largest city in Poland, Krakow captivates with its unique charm, resulting from its rich history and traditions.

The former capital of Poland offers something of interest for everyone – from lovers of history, architecture, art, to enthusiasts of long walks, bicycle tours and culinary discoveries from every corner of the world. The possibilities for spending time in this city are endless, and below are some suggestions.

Discovering Krakow

There are many places in Krakow that you can visit on your own by buying tickets online or on the spot. A must-see is a visit to St. Mary’s Basilica, a walk through the Cloth Hall to the other side of the Market Square, and a stroll towards Wawel – along the Planty or Grodzka Street, where you can enjoy delicious ice cream in summer and warm up with mulled wine in winter. For those who prefer organized tours, there are melex rides with audio guides or driver’s stories, as well as cruises on the Vistula with professional audio guides that will introduce you to the most interesting attractions located along the river. For exploring the city on your own, get a book guide or look for tips on our website to discover the most interesting corners of Krakow.

Museum Treasures

Krakow, a city rich in history, offers a wide range of museums. Particularly popular are the Market Underground, which reveals the city’s origins and medieval roots, and the Krzysztofory Palace, with its permanent exhibition presenting the history of the former capital. In Kazimierz, you can immerse yourself in Jewish culture at the Old Synagogue and the Galicia Jewish Museum, while in the Podgórze area you can discover places associated with World War II, such as the former Plaszow concentration camp, the Schindler Factory Museum and the Eagle Pharmacy. Also worth a visit are the National Museum, the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology and the MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art. Attractions such as the Experience Park, the Museum of Illusions and the Video Game Museum await the youngest.

Peaceful Walks

In Krakow, you will find numerous green corners, ideal to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Wolski Forest with a zoo located only 8 km from Market Square – you will experience peace and contact with nature. The Vistula Boulevards and Planty, located in the center, are vibrant and ideal for walking, biking or rollerblading. For bicycle enthusiasts, we recommend the route from Salwator to Tyniec, providing beautiful views along the Vistula River.

Culinary Journey

Krakow invites you on a gastronomic journey, offering dishes from different parts of the world: from traditional Polish cuisine to exotic flavors. Many restaurants and cafes serve vegetarian and vegan options, and Kazimierz is filled with colorful eateries, bars and street food places, such as casseroles from Okrąglak. It is here that history intertwines with modernity, making Kazimierz the ideal place to discover new flavors.

Cruises on the Vistula

In our list, we can’t leave out cruises on the Vistula, which are a great way to spend your free time. Various types of cruises are available, ranging from one-hour to four-hour cruises with audio guides that will give you a different perspective on the city. With a uniquely prepared audio guide, our journey along the Vistula River will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the city and experience its charm from a completely new perspective.