About us

Our company has been growing since 2005. For almost 20 years, we have been discovering the charms of Krakow from the perspective of the Vistula River for tourists from all over the world and creating extraordinary experiences – both during regular cruises and each organized event.

We are actively developing in the shipping area.

We fine-tune our itineraries so that each cruise is an unforgettable lesson about Krakow, after which you treat the city like your old friend.

And while it might seem that our offer is only for visitors, we are also keen to target Cracovians who fall in love with the former capital city anew every day and want to participate in our tours and special events aboard our fleet. Feel free to come aboard! Our cruises take place every day until the winter frosts, when the Vistula is covered with ice.

Zespół naszych kapitanów stojący na przystani na tle barki Arkadia, oraz na drugim zdjęciu siedzacy w naszej gondoli

Discover Krakow with us

In love with sailing

We are passionate about sailing, the sound of waves, fresh wind and shanties.

Wide fleet

We pass on our passion for traveling by boat, gondola and catamaran.

A different perspective of Krakow

We enable you to discover Krakow from a new and fascinating perspective.

A full-blown experience on the Vistula

We offer an unforgettable experience full of excitement and thrills.

Aqua Fun Crew

Our crew is a mix of experience and passion cultivated over the years. In our team you will find professional captains, sternwheelers and inland seafarers who leave their heart always on board.

And while they are the ones who provide relaxing moments and safe moorings on every cruise, our tours would not be successful without the support of expert tour operators, renowned guides and gastronomic masterminds. They are responsible for thoughtful itineraries that are de facto lessons in culture and history, as well as for the unique atmosphere on board – regardless of the occasion.

It is thanks to this select mix of enthusiasts that we are able to offer such diverse itineraries and attractions, as well as undertake the organization of any special event that will forever be remembered by guests.

Zespół naszych kapitanów stojący na mostku statku Legenda