Cruises on the Vistula among the sights of Kraków

Discover the magic of Kraków from the deck of a ship, gondola or catamaran.

Discover Kraków from the perspective of the river

Rysunek liny z pętlą
Rysunek liny z pętlą
Rysunek liny z pętlą

Our regular cruises are addressed to both tourists, regular visitors of Kraków, and residents of this vibrant city. This is an amazing opportunity to discover Kraków again, from the perspective of the Vistula River.

Our offer also includes cruises dedicated to larger groups who want a more personalized experience – by ship, gondola or catamaran exclusively and at selected hours.

Are you looking for a way to rent a vessel, gondola or catamaran on the Vistula River in Kraków? We invite you to check out our attractive offer, which we will be happy to adapt to your requirements. Find exactly what you need.

Would you like to discover the charms of Kraków not marred by crowds of tourists?

Check out our offer!

On board our vessels you can get to know the city from a new perspective – from the Vistula side. Our crew will not only take care of your good mood and unforgettable experiences, but also show you the former capital of Poland from its best side, without crowds of tourists and queues for tickets.

Statek Legenda podczas rejsu po Wiśle w Krakowie i widok na naszą przystań z przycumowaną barką Arkadia
Rysunek liny z pętlą
Rysunek liny z pętlą
Rysunek liny z pętlą

What can be admired during the cruise?

By sailing with us on the Vistula River, you will not only discover the most symbolic places of the City of Kings, but also hear about their rich history and rediscover their secrets.

Cruises on the Vistula River are a great alternative to traditional sightseeing, not only for families with children but also for unusual tourists who are looking for their own way to visit new places, away from the beaten path.

The Old Town and its monuments
Wawel Castle
Historic Kazimierz
Castle in Pogorzały
15th century monastery in Bielany
Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec

Our cruises

Rysunek liny z pętlą
Rysunek liny z pętlą
Rysunek liny z pętlą
We organise corporate events, hen and stag parties, overnight cruises, and school trips

We also organize corporate events on board. Both vessels in our fleet are designed to accommodate large groups of people, so they are ideal for conducting training and workshops, as well as for having fun between co-workers.

Who hasn’t heard about Kraków at school? The former capital of Poland is waiting to delight its inhabitants and visitors with its secrets, legends and timeless charm. That’s why our crew also organizes school trips, created in cooperation with certified guides.

Night cruises on the Vistula River are the most atmospheric option from our offer – after all, the city at night seems completely different than in the sunlight. It’s an hour-long cruise on the Vistula River with a view of the most charming corners of dark Kraków. City lights, starry sky, soothing sound of waves – this is the perfect scenery.

Do you want the bride to remember her hen party for the rest of her life? An evening cruise on the Vistula River, enchanting views of Kraków at night, music, wine, and good food – this is what we offer!

Are you looking for a place for an original stag party that the groom will remember for the rest of his life? On board our ships, catamaran or gondola you will find everything you need for good fun.

We invite you on a two-hour cruise during which you can get to know the most charming places in Kraków – and not only those that you will find in every guide to the former capital!

We invite you for a four-hour trip on the Vistula River, during which you can see the most important monuments of Kraków, as well as visit the Tyniec Abbey – the oldest order in Poland continuing the Benedictine traditions.

Gondolas, small wooden boats with a classic character, are also called water trams – and the tram is one of the symbols of Kraków after all! Our offer includes traditional, roofed gondolas made by Polish shipbuilders.

Well-trodden trails or a cruise on the Vistula?

Our routes have been designed in consultation with certified guides, so each of them will delight you with a wealth of information, interesting facts and beautiful views.

Rysunek liny z pętlą
Rysunek liny z pętlą
Rysunek liny z pętlą
Rysunek Krakowa
City of infinite discovery

The cruises we organize are a concentrated portion of knowledge about Kraków – not only in theory, because the tour routes include the most important places of the city, which can be admired from the perspective of the river.

Rysunek statku
An introduction to the mysteries of Kraków

This is a great option for people who are looking for a short but concise attraction for a weekend in Kraków, as well as for everyone (even residents) who crave a relaxing form of exploring the city.